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Its that time of year again when the weak and worthless weeds amongst you decide to join a gym and begin your futile attempt to get fit and amazing and be more like me.

Dont waste your money.

You`ll notice that I did not say not to waste your time, thats because you wont ever go. If you do decide to join a gym you`ll sign up to a six month contract, go 4 times a week for the first week, 3 times the week after, twice the week after that perhaps once the following week.

Then silence.

January in the gym is a total nightmare. Every year its the same. The weeds all come running into their new playground having no idea what they are doing. At best they just get in my way, at worst they cripple themselves financially and physically. After a few weeks they find that they dont have a body like Arnie and give up.

But still have to pay 50 quid for another 5 months.

So this year do yourselves a favour and just dont bother. Spend that 50 quid a month on something else - a few more beers or bags of chips per week.

If you really are going to make a difference to your health or physique it has to be life style choice and you have to be in it for the long term, a bit like buying a puppy for Christmas.

I did not get a puppy for Christmas, I got a Nintendo Wii, which is the main reason why its been so quiet around here at 1point21gigawatts towers.

So anyway, instead of making getting fit your new years resolution why not try some other ridiculous ideas like pointlessly trying to increase your carbon footprint etc

But whatever you do, keep out of my gyms.

Happy New Year


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